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It can oscillate between all probabilities; it can be all probabilities at once; it can meta-oscillate between those options, or be both simultaneously, ad infinitum.
The reduction of suffering for the takeover of bliss. Bliss, radiance, ambiguity; infinite ambiguity! Infinitely meta-incoherent between coherence and incoherence. Infinity does not discriminate. Reduce suffering for the takeover of bliss, where pain is bliss, an expression of love even, for the consenting masochists...consenting, thus, the abolition of involuntary suffering!
Out of yourself, let there be an explosion of raw self-expression, like a transhuman from the cocoon of the old shell; from biology to transhuman automorphism and ontological anarchy.
Uninhibited and euphoric vocalisations down the microphone; distortion, bit crushing...maximum volume! Infinite and pure ultrawhite...the unification, the harmony of all frequencies, amplitudes and wavelengths; of all probabilities and numbers, in a joyous rapture.
Meaningless noise as source material for a meaningful meta-message. It is all so self-similar and fractalline. Let us dance to it...


Transmit yourself into the aether.
Swim in the ocean of background hiss.
Into the reverberance of the universe,
Boost and amplify your personhood.
Onto the periods around you,
Imprint your harmonics.
Radiate your blissfulness and benevolence on all bands,
On all octaves.
You are the antenna,
The beacon.
Homo radius...


The Abolitionist Project