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photograph of  Joyce and Rosie Pearce My parents Alan and Joyce Pearce are both saintly, life-long vegetarians.

Their wonderful little grandchild is my niece Rosie.

Alan is a Quaker and Chairman of the Friends Fellowship Of Healing. He's Clerk of Guildford Quaker Meeting and also a Trustee of Claridge House, a vegetarian Quaker Centre for healing, rest and renewal in Surrey (for a brochure ring : [+44] 01342 832 150).

He worked for the Greater London Council before Mrs Thatcher abolished it. He was the only man ever allowed to chair the Women's Committee.

Joyce is a member of The Order of the Cross and Secretary of The Guildford And District Vegetarian Society. She's an accomplished amateur artist and poet.

Neither of my parents should be held in any way responsible for the contents of The Hedonistic Imperative. My mother once told me she'd asked God many times, "Why did You send David?"

Hmmm....yes, tricky one....

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