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Two Little Piglets

photograph of two young piglets

"Speciesism clogs and constrains and distorts our outlook just as tenaciously as racism and sexism. There is a widespread tendency of people to wish to regard others as subordinate to themselves. Partly this is a reflection of their own insecurity, often the insecurity of the sawdust Caesar. The fascist is a very weak person pretending he is very strong. He wants to convince himself (as well as others) that he is not the inferior creature he fears himself to be. Such psychological cripples need crutches and they often use racism or sexism or indeed speciesism for this purpose. For example, those who choose to become lion-tamers or big-game shots, as well as some herdsmen and hunters - a proportion follow these occupations because they like to play god with other creatures. By subjugating Jews or women or "vermin" into an inferior position such people manage to make themselves feel a little bit more superior and more secure."
Richard Ryder

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