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Hello World

Hello World, are you out there? Are there really thirty million of you cruising around the Net? Will any of you read this? Who knows? The Net is filled with so much STUFF, that what's another irregular column of ramblings?

Well, at least it keeps that Nice Mr. Pearce happy. Dave Pearce, Brighton cyber-guru (I use the term advisedly), star of an episode of the bound-to-be-slightly-tacky Meridian (south-east Britain's very own commercial tv company, oh global chums) show on the Net (oh no not another!) and general all-round smart guy. You would n't believe how keen he is to keep HedWeb at the cutting edge of technology and content.

So here it is, the first RANDOM DRIFTWOOD column, full of innocent self-doubt and a splash of ego. As you can tell this is going to be rather wayward as columns go, but then no ones paying me to do this, just as your not paying to read it. To be frank, theres so much BAD journalism out there (hello Melody Maker, hello Hello!), that this diversionary ramble is probably worth a few seconds of your time.

I doubt any of you actually read stuff on the Net. I know I don't. My concentration span was shot by once spending a summer watching MTV in Boston, USA.. Yeah, 1988, I was that Brit in Black my dear Bostonians. Web browsing means look at a page, read a line move on. Come on, does anyone really read those on-line dissertations, those dense texts on what a cool place the Net is, those diatribes against Hilary Clinton's hair, those shabby little cyber-columns? Whoops!

"Hey man, irony is dead, because I think I just trod on it." J. Arthur Rank, 1949

Well, I feel an end coming. Time to return to my designer life style and feed the cat. Hhhhmmm, why do so many people on the Web mention their cat? I really have this feeling that cats are possible in charge of the world, and may be we just missed it. My cat, well the one that dominates my home, (dear little Chunky, no don't ask), seems to spend his time making rap records and planning to take over bits of Hove. But more of him later perhaps...

Until next time...

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