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This file represents research done by a number of individuals on behalf of the Jeffersonian Institute for Paranormal Research (JIPR). The Institute has commissioned a number of reports into select aspects of paranormal and ufological phenomena. The Institute and its directors hope that it can match the research of many individuals in the US, for example John Keel, William Cooper and John Lear.


1. The UK Situation

Little research of weight has been written on the UK governments involvement in paranormal activities. While American researchers have exposed the US government's plans (such as MJ12) and its experiments with the paranormal and part in 'The Alien Problem', the role of the UK government has remained unrealised. This document hopes to begin a process of investigation into the UK government and the UK secret services in relation to a number of 'paranormal' phenomena. It appears that the public may respond to such information in the light of popular fiction (The X Files), as well as the new found popularity of the paranormal as a subject area. The Truth needs to be uncovered in order that the people realise what is, and has been, done in their name.

2. Project MK-Ultra, Project Pet & the UK

Broadly speaking MK-Ultra was the US government's investigation of a range of mind control techniques, sleep deprivation experiments etc. These first began, mainly under CIA supervision, in the 1950's. New evidence on the exact form of the MK-Ultra program appears in Nichol's paper 'MK-Ultra & the line of last resort' (1994). However, part of this program was carried out in the UK. In 1959, top ranking UK officials visited Washington. At a meeting on 22nd July at the Pentagon, according to FOIA papers, an agreement was struck at which the US decided to utilise UK research facilities to carry out a MK-Ultra offshoot project. This was to be Project PET.

        PET was a relatively simple scheme to start with, but its final implications where to become immense. It is so typical of many of the Projects embarked on at that time that their full consequences for humanity where not thought through.

        PET applied techniques of mind control, brain-washing and training to domesticated animals. While many of the initial experiments for MK-Ultra used animals, PET was to reproduce and extend these. Mice trained to gnaw cabling could be used to sabotage enemy consuls or bases (as appears to have happened to the Cuban embassy in London in 1966). Dogs could be trained to carry bombs and learn to detonate them when within range of certain targets. Of particular interest were cats. The felines were seen as having an innate intelligence that if only it could be somehow harnessed could turn them into an ally in the Cold War struggle.

        PET was headed by Professor Ronald Chumley-Jones, a respected biologist who had links to the Intelligence Community on both sides of the Atlantic. Through the 1960's the Project, based at Challoners House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, received only very little funding. Chumley-Jones remained convinced of the possibilities of the Project. PET's experiments were partially successful, but the real climax of the project was not to come until the early 1970's.

3. Project Felis

In 1971, Project PET became Project Felis. Its task was to concentrate on the cat. With this new project came a new home. The entire project was secretly moved to the University of Sussex. The University, despite its radical reputation, was the perfected place for the work to be carried out. The Project was housed in an anonymous building near to the University's School of Biological Sciences. The University, which has a number of its buildings linked by a network of underground tunnels made sure that the new building (Building A12) was connected to this network. Members of the student body and faculty noticed that there appeared to be a high level of security that accompanied the construction of the new building.

        At 2am on 10th August 1972, A12 received a highly unusual delivery. The following is an account given to us by an ex-University student (now a prominent lawyer, name known to us):

'James [a University student friend, name changed] and I were at this party in Brighton, can't remember quite where, but we'd had a few drinks, chatted to some girls, but nothing terribly exciting seemed to be happening. So about 1am we decided to go back to Campus... we were rather broke, so we walked back [a journey taking approximately an hour]... Well, we were laughing and joking and messing around and James convinced me we should break into BIOLS [School of Biological Science]. There was this particular Professor who James really hated, thought he had a vendetta against him... So we decided to break into this guys office, trash it a bit, you know. Security in those days was pretty lax... So about 2, I guess it was, we got to Campus and went up to BIOLS and stood under the window of this guys office. Well as we were contemplating exact how we were going to get in, we suddenly hear this noise, so we hit the ground, thinking its Security or the Police or something... Around the corner comes a black car, behind it a large lorry and following that another car. They drive passed us an up to A12. None of us students knew what went on there, we sort of assumed genetic experiment of some sort, so it was sort of disliked, but no one cared very much... Anyway, the convey pulls up outside A12. From each car appear four men wearing suits, white shirts, dark ties. One was openly sporting a machine gun. Me and James looked at each other... thought we must be dreaming of something! These guys open up the back of the lorry... it was brightly lit and a strange white mist appeared from it. Out from the back they bring what I can only describe as a small coffin. Someone appeared from inside A12 [despite the fact neither witness saw any lights or movement from the building earlier], and the coffin was carried inside. Three guys stayed out side, looking around as if they were expecting some sort of trouble. Five minutes later, the cars and the lorry left. James and I were just amazed. In the morning we thought we'd dreamt it or taken some bad acid or something...'

        According to the witness, his companion may well have mentioned the incident to a member of faculty a year after the event took place. 'James' was found in 1974 dead in mysterious circumstances. The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide.

        Papers obtained by the Institute suggest that what was delivered to A12 that night was nothing other than the corpse of a Grey. The corpse was recovered by the US military from a saucer crash in the Mojave Desert in late July that year, and was one of five found at the crash site. Interestingly, East Sussex was to experience a wave of ufo sightings in late August, including the locally famous Woodingdean Case. The latter saw a close encounter between a local family and at least three different ufos and occupants. Recent research has indicated that a possible abduction took place.

        Project Felis was engaged in some very dangerous genetic experiments. Not only were they carrying out various DNA mutations on cats, they were also using genetic material from the Grey. US Government knowledge of and work on Grey DNA had been an on-going project since the recovery of bodies from the Roswell/Aztec Crash in 1947. To exploit the potential of the cat as a species, the US government, advised by Chumley-Jones, had decided to try and produce a Grey/Cat hybrid. This was seen as highly dangerous, but with parts of the US government highly suspicious of the Greys (and, indeed, other part of itself), the high-risk strategy was seen as justified. Exactly how high-risk the plan was was held from the UK Government, who were led to believe Project Felis was a simple extension of Project PET. If something did go wrong, the UK as an island was seen as a containable area. Security at Building A12 was upped. Nothing was visible to visitors to the University of Sussex. However, a large number of "reception staff" were employed by A12. Of these, many were ex-SAS men. One of these men was "Ray" (real name withheld) who in November 1973 was employed by "Ralphen Industries" to work at A12. Ralphen Industries is a front company used by British Military Intelligence (for example, in the Bell-Hopkins Experiments in 1956). "Ray" was given the duty of acting as a "receptionist", this meant keeping a patrol of the A12 premises. In sworn testimony, he tells of how he was told that A12 was being used for highly classified chemical weapons experiments. This he took as true, but wondered why the experiments used so many kittens. One room. 17D, was constantly locked with "sophisticated locking devices", and under heavy armed guard. According to "Ray", he was told (unofficially) it contained the body of "an extraterrestrial". "Dave came back to the staff room. 'e looked real pale. I asked 'im what was wrong. 'e said 'e'd just seen inside o' 17D when some boffin opened it up. 'e shook 'is 'ead an' sat down. Your not goin' to believe this son, but they've gotta a alien in there. Dead, preserved like Stalin or someit...Here was a man who'd served fourteen years with Regiment [SAS]. 'e weren't bullshitin'..."

4. The End of Felis & After

The work of Project Felis continued through until 1976. The exact nature of what was happening within Building A12 remains shrouded in secrecy. A secrecy that was enhanced by the loss of documents in a fire on September 3rd 1976. Officially, the fire was started by accident and became uncontrollable "due to the dry nature of the building and surrounding vegetation". The summer of 1976 was UK was extremely drought hit. The fire began sometime after 5am, quickly engulfing the whole of the building. Three "receptionists" died in the blaze, which completely destroyed the whole installation. The site was studied by "fire officers" for at least a month, leading to the likelihood that, in fact, there was a desperate attempt to ascertain what had perished in the blaze.

        Three days later, Professor Ronald Chumley-Jones was found dead at his home in Brighton. The police report notes that he had died from lacerations to the throat leading to blood loss. The laceration were "claw-like". When police arrived they found "four or five cats wandering around the Chumley-Jones home... Later this was noted due to the Professor's noted phobia of cats...".         It is the opinion of this report that what happened at Building A12 was the successful creation of a new hybrid organism. This Grey-Cat looked almost completely like a feline, except for a slight larger size, the ability to walk like a biped (if need be), a highly developed intelligence, and the cold-unfeeling, insensitivity of the Greys. The A12 Experiments had succeeded, but without realising what would come from the crucible of this genetic meddling. At least four of the Grey-Cat Hybrids escaped. After initial confusion (a report on file describes how a motorist reported to the police being stopped by four "large cats" who tried to steal his car; however, they simply could not fathom out how to use the vechile, and thus fled), they became intent on murdering the experimenters that had created them. Chumley-Jones was the first, killed by these evil half-breeds. According to documents from UK Military Intelligence, an immediate cover-up was initiated. Chumley-Jones death was explained to the press a heart attack, hence deflecting any difficult questions that the police report would have brought. Sources involved at the time have told us that a special forces taskforce was brought into the area to tack down the results of the A12 experiments. However, at least, seven other known A12 workers died within the next three months. These creatures then attempted a number of daring robberies (for example, the Cream Farm robbery of 1977). Located in some hide-away in the Brighton area, the Hybrids also took to interbreeding with the local cat population.

        By 1983, most of the Brighton cat population had some Grey DNA. As well as spate of cat pregnancies, the area also suffered a number of cat death. The new Hybrids were wiping out their less advanced, terrestrial cousins. The year of 1984 saw a number of strange psychological cases - patients of Dr. Robert Johnson, a Brighton psychotherapist, claimed to have held conversations with their cats (recorded in Johnson's paper, "Talking Cats: the Brighton Hysteria of 1984"). One patient, Bertha Vernon, told Johnson that her cats (Tyger and Fluff) had ordered her to kill her son and daughter, because "they don't like us. They get all the cream...they get fed before us". Johnson reported Vernon's confession to the police, who on visiting her home found the semi-decomposed corpses of her two offspring. Later investigations found the body of her husband, Ned, in the loft, partially buried in kitty litter.

5. The Pact Between Two Devils

At some stage in the early eighties, the Hybrids somehow contacted one of other parent race. We believe that in 1982 the Greys found the truth about the Hybrids, and realising their potential as an ally, aided them. The Hybrids seem to have embarked on some project of their own. What this project aims are remain unclear. However, we have evidence that they exploited their relations with the Greys and utilising the Greys time-travel abilities. We have pictorial and documentary evidence of this, but we cannot release this at present to the public. However, a short extract from A True Man in the World of the Heathens: the adventures of Lord Reginald S. Patterson (1929) illustrates some of the events that the cats and Greys were involved in. The book, written by Lord Patterson (1869-1936), chronicles his time as an adventurer, explorer and dabbler in the occult. The passage quoted below describes events of August 25th 1898 at Lord Patterson's Somerset home, Attlebury Hall. Patterson claimed that all the adventures that befell him were true, though he sought to find "logical" explanations for them all. The events of the August 25th however, were always to baffle him.

        "...I tried to put thoughts of Lady Jane's stocking tops from my mind. Really, a gentleman such as myself should not have to be exposed to such shocking and lewd sights.

        The carriage journey back to Attlebury Hall with the Professor was far more agreeable. We talked of a number of esoteric matters, in particular the sightings in Nova Scotia of another Snow Beast. The Professor proposed we should perhaps instigate an expedition to the region to find out the truth of the stories. Perhaps we could even capture the Beast and bring it back to be displayed at London Zoo. I agreed whole-heartedly, thinking how there were a number of fine gentleman explorers at the Wiggin Club who would jump at the chance to join such a jaunt.

        On arriving at the Hall, the Professor and I took a tipple of whisky in the conservatory. Our conversation continued, but I soon found myself tiring. Bidding the Professor, "Goodnight", and after checking with Eversham that all was well in the household, I went at last to bed.

        I awoke from my slumber bleary-eyed and heavy-headed. Through the haze of half-sleep, I made out a figure at my desk. I could swear that it was my cat, H.P., rifling through my desk like a common thief. Could it be true? As I raised my head a little from my pillow, I was sure that there were other figures, small, grey and dwarf-like rummaging my wardrobe. I was amazed. I must be dreaming! Had I taken too much cocaine preparation again? No, no, I was merely rather sleep-dazed. And, by George, the sight that confronted me was true! Even in my half-woken state, I was alert enough to move quietly. My trusty sabre was but a few feet from my bed. This strange sight had aroused a feeling that I needed to be careful. H.P., I could be sure now, was looking at some of the designs that Professor Poe had leant me. I made a sudden movement, grabbing the blade and unsheathing it before my visitors realised my plan.

        "Stop right there you Foppish Feline", I cried.

        H.P. swung round, surprised by my sudden awake state. His dwarven accomplices shocked, started run from the wardrobe. There strange skin and large blackened eyes were most disturbing, making me swear an oath and ask The Good Lord for protection. They headed for the open window, as did H.P., who much to my consternation was running like a man on two legs! Under his front paws he had the good Professor's plans for his tunnelling machine. I swung my blade, managing only to catch H.P.'s tail and graze him. The cowardly fiends were now escaping through the window. I was quick enough to realise that I could not follow, so I ran out of my room, down the hall to the drawing room and out through the French windows. As I ran, I shouted to my comrades that we were cursed with burglars.

        Outside the August night was dark, humid and still. As I crossed the croquet lawn I saw a hundred feet ahead of so the figures that could only be my quarry. I pursued them through the gardens of Attlebury Hall, down toward the Old Field where the Colonel's old mare was kept. As the chase continued I realised that I would not catch the fiends, they seemed somehow to move more quickly than I.

        "What had over compelled my cat, dear old H.P., my companion for 10 long years, to turn against me!," I thought as I careered towards the Field, "What deceit of magic, what work of the Devil was at play?"

        Behind me I could here voices from the Hall, reinforcements were rising from their slumbers and night-time occupations. May be there was hope.

        Then suddenly as I approached the field, finding the old five bar gate in the darkness, a bright light blinded my eyes. I stepped back in surprise and wonderment as a strange craft rose from the ground. It was silver, luminous and large. I'd say the size of one of one of Mr. Stevenson's stream engines. But its shape was as of a globe, perhaps a crystal ball, but with a flattened bottom. A paperweight! It struck me. It looked rather like a paperweight, the one my father used to keep his bills under. This occult contraption rose from the ground, all-aglow, and humming gently, as if to itself. Then suddenly it shot off into the night sky at a rate I could not believe. As I stood marvelling at what I had just experienced, the Professor, clad like myself in only a night-shirt, joined me..."

        Our investigations show that the Hybrids were searching for a number of key occult documents, perhaps pertaining to the hollow nature of the earth. in order to carry out this, they travelled through time and space, utilising the Greys hospitality. This may explain why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cat gods! Perhaps the Egyptians were chosen by time-travelling Hybrids to help in the collection of these documents. However, what is sure is that Hybrids have fully infiltrated the cat population of Britain. They are merely biding their time, waiting for a moment when humans are at their weakest. Then the Hybrids will pounce and attempt to aid the Greys in the destruction of humankind.

6. Conclusions

This report has shown that illegal experiments carried out by the UK/US have resulted in the creation of a further threat to mankind. Now the Hybrids are amongst us, pretending to be our pets, our friends, when in fact, they are plotting our destruction. We recommend that an immediate destruction of felines take place in Britain, although we fear that the Hybrids have made it to Europe already. However, it may already be too late. Your cat, your long time friend, your fluffy little kitten, may not be that dumb, he may really be a Hybrid, waiting for a time to murder you in your bed, to steal your cream, to turn you over to the Greys when the time comes, to tell the forces of the One World Government that you should be taken away to the prison camps.





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