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The British Field Sports Society (BFSS)
Censoring Cyberspace

On 27 August the British Field Sports Society launched a daringly original and imaginative extension of its campaign to curb democratic freedom of expression in cyberspace.

Its latest legal threat to an ISP takes the form of a fax to Pavilion Internet from the BFSS's solicitors.

Imminent court action is promised unless Pavilion take steps to censor an anti-bloodsports web author on their server by 4.00 p.m. the next day.

Using the courts to impose censorship is justified, according to BFSS Chief Press Officer Janet George.

Judicial action is needed because the offending author's use of "META" tag keywords [in accordance with WC3 HTML 3.2 recommendations] has led several search engines to list an anti-BFSS-bloodsports article ahead of the large quantities of factual information available in the BFSS's files. This [say the BFSS] is unfair.

Site owners and web authors who use "META" tags might thus do well to bear this in mind.

28 August

Note added 10 September
A reprieve? The BFSS Chief Press Officer writes to say that

"You will be pleased to hear that your flat is safe for now! While our solicitor is champing at the bit for a chance to test another case (he's the guy that won the test case against Somerset County Council and put an end to Council's banning hunting on their land because of "moral or ethical judgements"), we feel we have bigger fish to fry."

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