Chris is a globe-trotting cosmopolitan sophisticate and pub-seasoned veteran of Sussex University UK. As Scourge of the Philistines, Slayer of Hydra-Headed Scientism, and Smiter of delinquent split infinitives, he is currently spear-heading the Web debut of The Latest. This follows his spell as éminence grise at Epic Multimedia Group. Recently, Brighton's literary salons and cybercafés have been been abuzz with news of the inaugural issue of his brainchild cyberzine SPIKE. SPIKE offers an on-line banquet for jaded culture-vultures and soulful aesthetes everywhere. Chris is a noted critical theorist and Nietzsche scholar who aims to domesticate wild, woolly and wonderful Continental Thinkers for an English-speaking audience. Serious-minded lovers of rigorous analytic philosophy, however, can rest assured that HedWeb will continue to uphold traditional Anglo-American values against the barbarians at the digital gates. Responses to the austere beauty of Melissa's weekly Guide For The Perplexed have been most encouraging. They suggest that popular appetite for the post-Enlightenment rationalist project runs deeper than the cynical might suppose.

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