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Dave's Diary : August 1996
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(The Webmaster hopes to resume writing up his diary when his brutally punishing schedule of commitments permits)

1 September
I discover that doing a "British Field Sports Society" keyword search on Alta Vista throws up first a file belonging to a group called "Digital Jihad"(!). It is a good job bloodsports enthusiasts have a keen sense of humour. Something about the title suggests Digital Jihad are not a bunch of vegan pacifists. They appear to have included "BFSS" rather a lot in their meta tags and elsewhere. All this Alta Vista-fodder is in protest at the latest legal muscle-flexing from the BFSS censorship lobby. So one should be grateful for support even in the most unlikely quarters. Cyberspace yields some odd bedfellows.

Dave's Diary : August 1996

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