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"The predatory life...brings little progress in social organisation. Predaceous man unlike other forms of predatory life preys on his own species. With predaceous man civilisation itself becomes of predatory type...Economic warfare, commercial warfare, class warfare, are symptomatic of homo praedatorius. He exploits cruelty on human as well as on human life...Man's altruism has to grow. It is not enough for him to stand and deplore. That is less to mend things than to run from them. A positive charity is wanted. Negation is not enough. In effect it needs a self-growth, which shall open out a finer self. It requires to absorb in "feeling" something of the world beyond the self and put it alongside the interests of the very self...A great gift - some might say divine - comes to the 'self' when perceiving certain suffering external to the self it so reacts to it that suffering becomes its own, and is shared even as a 'feeling'...Altruism as passion...nature's noblest product; the greatest contribution made by mankind to life."
Charles Sherrington

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