Heaven on Earth?



"...the sensualist will discover that what had hitherto passed for passionate sex was merely an agreeable piece of foreplay. In the future, erotic pleasure of an intensity that mortal flesh has never known will be enjoyable with a whole gamut of friends and lovers. Universal love is possible because jealousy, already transiently eliminable today under the influence of serotonin releasers like MDMA ("Ecstasy"), is not the sort of gene-inspired perversion of consciousness likely to be judged worthy of conservation in the post-Darwinian era. It can be genetically eliminated as the reproductive revolution unfolds. In addition, designer love-philtres and smarter sex-drugs promise to transform our conception of personal intimacy. Today's ill-educated fumblings will seem inept by comparison. Sensualists may opt for whole-body orgasms of a frequency, duration and variety that transcends the limp foreplay of their Darwinian ancestors. Whether the sexual adventures of our descendants will be mainly auto-erotic, interpersonal, or assume rapturous guises we can't currently imagine is a topic for another night. But profound love of many forms - both of oneself and all other sentient life-forms - is at least as feasible as the impersonal emotional wasteland occupied by Huxley's utopians...."

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