Heaven on Earth?



"...sadly, if God exists, then He has chosen cunningly to hide His existence from most of His creatures. Indeed a physicist once noted that things make much more sense if you assume the world was created, not by an all-good and all-powerful being, but by a God who is 100 percent malevolent yet only 90 percent effective. Less heretically expressed, if He does lurk benevolently in the background, then one must presumably be confident that He is greater than all of us, not just in the depth, but also the range of His compassion. If so, then He will scarcely favour a more restrictive or mean-spirited project than paradise-engineering - with its commitment to the molecular biology of univeral well-being... Statistically, the bulk of the world's suffering is undergone by members of other species. Sometimes their anguish is ghastly and prolonged. Such suffering doesn't, even notionally, have any redeeming features. It isn't character-building. It never issues in great art and literature. Non-human suffering can't support even the kinds of sophistry we use to rationalise our own ills... Mercifully, as the abolitionist project gathers pace, the pain and malaise of non-humans as well as humans from the Nightmare Era of primordial life is likely to be phased out too. Legacy genomes will be rewritten. The entire global ecosystem will be redesigned. For there is no need to pay homage to the product of selfish genes - as though self-replicating DNA from the old Darwinian era were some sort of secular equivalent to Providence. The genetically pre-programmed well-being of the post-Transition epoch shouldn't, and probably won't, remain arbitrarily species-specific...."

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