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" life may blend, say, the exalted, life-loving euphoria of a potent dopamine releaser and agonist with the serene and mystical love induced by an empathogen such as Ecstasy. Yet using recreational drugs may be counterproductive - even if empathetic euphoriants safer and more sustainable than neurotoxic MDMA ('Ecstasy') can be synthesised. In the reproductive era of designer babies ahead, we will instead have the option of genetically hardwiring [the predisposition to] a spectrum of lifelong empathetic bliss for our future offspring. Somatic gene therapies should be on offer to old-time Darwinians too, coupled with an enriched conception of mental health to mandate their use. Cloud-nine happiness can become the new biological default-condition and homeostatic 'set-point' around which our daily moods fluctuate. For it is feasible to combine states of incisive, goal-directed thought with a profound love and regard for others. The homeostatic mechanisms of the post-Darwinian psyche can ensure 'peak experiences' are as natural as breathing. By contrast, today's norms of so-called psychological health may come to be viwed in a different light. After all, they are just a pathological expression of the workings of Darwinian minds..."

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