The Eye Tracker At Work

Hilary Tunley captured with an eye-tracker

Here is Hilary seen through her eye-tracker. The bottom of the image contains a view of the wearer's eye. It is a light-weight, head-mounted tracker which is completely portable. It was designed by biologist Prof Mike Land. Its purpose is to examine peoples' eye fixation strategies. Hilary has been using it to examine where drivers look when they're steering cars.

The tracker consists of a headband with a small CCD camera mounted above the right eye pointing downwards. Underneath the eye is a small concave mirror. In front, at an angle, is a transparent half-silvered mirror. The mirror splits the image seen by the camera into two sections. The top 80% or so is the view as seen by the wearer of the tracker. The bottom 20% is the eye image as seen by the concave mirror.

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