So What Do Vegetarians Eat?

Joyce Pearce
If you think you'd like to be vegetarian, but don't quite know how to start, do a bit of research. Contact the The Vegetarian Society (UK) for a starter information pack.

(Parkdale, Dunham Rd, Altrincham, Cheshire,
WA14 4QG.England.
Tel. 0161 928 0793
E-mail: )

Decide if you want to be vegan too, (no dairy produce), in which case contact the The Vegan Society as well.

(Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St.Leonards-on-Sea,
East Sussex, TN37 7AA, England
Tel 01424 427393 )

Nose round the local super-market and see if they have a list of foods suitable for vegetarians, a special V symbol, and certain sections of the store with veg. food - tinned, dried, chilled and/or frozen- and veg. recipe leaflets. Locate the nearest health food shop, see the great range of foods available and ask what recipe book they recommend for beginners. Don't try to change over-night. Give your body, your shopping and cooking habits, and your friends and family, time to adjust!

There are thousands of different vegetarian recipes, and many different approaches available. Decide what your priorities are:- health, concern for animal welfare, expense, time-saving,e.g. - and pick your recipes accordingly. Vegetarian food can be as quick, cheap, easy, healthy, tasty, environmentally-friendly as you choose, or it can be just the opposite. It's up to you.

Identify the main groups of foods, and eat lots of fresh and dried fruits, fresh vegetables and salads; a modest amount of oils and fats of vegetable origin; plenty of whole-grain cereals (i.e.wheat, rice, oats, barley, maize, millet etc.) and their products (e.g. wholemeal bread and flour, pasta, muesli, etc); and a modest amount of foods high in protein, such as nuts and seeds; beans, peas and lentils; eggs, vegetarian cheese, and cows' milk; and their products (such as houmous, soya milk, tofu, soya mince, TVP chunks. quorn, etc.) If you're vegan, check that you get vitamin B12, e.g. from a yeast extract.

Your comments, complaints and suggestions are warmly welcome.


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