Poems by Kerith


On the ground below my window
From which I stare into the night
You stood in solemn stillness
Then turned and looked into me
"What must it be like?"
You said to me;
"To live inside your prison
Where perverts' fingers strangulate
As you whimper at your fear
Afraid to face the final truth
Still scared of the nightmares
That never go away
You'll see them
You'll feel them
You'll live them
Pathetic, penitent child
Unfulfilled and sordid life"
At midnight
I left the fairytale
Cinderella will burn tonight
The light had ended
And all that you left behind
Was the memory of an apocalyptic red rose


"Well, well" said the rocking chair
"It's been a long time
Since we've seen such dark despair
Whoever told you life was fair"
The shrouded figure stirred and stood
It's shape cast in electric shadows
And continued on its damning tirade
"It's a wretched thing : the truth
The way it taunts and masquerades
The smiles and laughter, so convincing
But merely ephemeral masks
For the most contemptible of cravings
But don't you know my dear
My promises run deeper than my lies."

Not mine, but I like it...


You walk out on the high wire
You're a dancer on thin ice
You pay no heed to the danger...
Less to advice
Your footsteps are forbidden
But with knowledge of your sin
You give your love to every stranger
It's just a game
With my affections as the wager.

"To choose or construct beautiful forms requires good taste that in turn requires cultivation which comes from the observation of beautiful forms. Those who are accustomed to seeing beautiful things are, in consequence, often uncertain whether they think a thing beautiful or not. Some - perhaps all of us - have an intuition of what is beautiful or not; but most of us have to achieve beauty by taking pains."


A world where few have been
That is, if any
You may have seen it
Once or twice
In your dreams,
Or nightmares
Only adults may enter
Aged 18 or below
There is a guide
To get you lost
In a maze without an exit
An escapable trap
Yet nobody stays
The chains of disbelief hold no one
Except those who believe
But if you play the game
You could break free
But I doubt it.
You may be disillusioned
But it's all for fun
And let the adventure begin.

Kerith's boyfriend
E-mail Kerith : kerith@cocoon.ac.uk


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