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Once again, taking the net by storm, is the voice of the Hell that is youth, a Luke Westoby, (remember me?), on this great web site that is on its way up to the top of the information super-highway 'A'-class dual carriageway, so, what is my purpose? What should I now do? I'll tell you what I'm gonna' do! I'm going to review 'Warcraft 2' !!!!!

Warcraft 2

By: Blizzard/Zablac
Type: Isometric strategy game
PC: 486

What can I say? What more could a player ask for? 'Warcraft 3' maybe? Well, anyway, for now we'll just have to drool over the masterclass of this, this, whopper of a game! Build ships, armies, dragons, griffin riders, giant turtles, death riders, knight paladins, and loads, loads more! After playing this game I suddenly realised that I was a little extravagant on marking 'Duke Nuke'Em 3d,'it was just I was a little hysterical at the time, (but it's still a top notch piece of software!!), any way, as I was saying, 'Warcraft 2' is probably a better game, graphically superb, tactically brilliant, and soooo gory at some points!! Top!!!!! This is a great game, worthy of the 'Gibbon Seal Of Approval'.

I have to point out, though, that some of the weapons are SOOOOO cool, for instance, the griffin-riders 'Hammers of Thor' and the death-riders 'Death And Decay,' not forgetting, of course, the HUGE Elfish Ballistas, but something that is REALLY good about this game is that it has excellent cut scenes, (one shows dead bodies being burnt by an Orc). Although this game is brilliant, it still is not very original, 'Warhammer-The Shadow Of The Horned Rat' or 'Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.'

And, of course, what would a game be like without a Deathmatch option? Well, I wouldn't review it !!!!! Well, anyway the deathmatches range from very quick to very long, and each one is excellent and top and other stuff, so go buy it. Oh, and, by the way, after a while it may seem to get boring, but, do not be deceived! It is VERY addictive!

  • Graphics: 88%
  • Sound: 83%
  • Plot: 85%
  • Playability: 94%
  • Satisfaction:93%
  • Originality: 75%
  • Weapons: 92%
  • Overall: 94%

This is me nearly finished for now, but a final message for computer game companies out there: anything new and groundbreaking to review? Get hold of the web site owner Dave and send the software to me! I'll personally review it without prejudice or bias and I will get its review on line, on this site. "Be cool, calm and contented until next time, Satanists!"

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