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Theory versus Praxis

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Should hedonism be fun?
There are presently two currents of opinion within HedWeb. On the one hand, the traditionalists favour an austere site. It will be devoted to Good Old Fashioned Analytic Philosophy and the savage beauties of a raw textual interface. This traditional current finds expression in e.g. The Hedonistic Imperative (outlines how nanotechnology, genetic engineering and good drugs will get rid of suffering in all sentient life. We will rewrite the vertebrate genome, redesign the global ecosystem, and practise paradise-engineering); Dave's Diary (late-night jottings from one hardcore textualist); and in book reviews (e.g. Michael Lockwood's Mind Brain and The Quantum: quantum mechanics is mathematically complete, but introspective evidence suggests that what 'breathes fire into the equations and makes there a world for us to describe' must be radically at variance with materialist orthodoxy.

On the other hand... a number of fair-minded correspondents say they feel duty-bound to explore the other side of the argument - the curiously enduring misconception that hedonism should be fun...

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"Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness"

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