6 Mar 1998


photograph of baby monkey whose eyes had been sewn shut by scientific researchers
This infant monkey was rescued from an animal research laboratory. She was found in a darkened room with her eyes sewn shut.
Please take some time and write letters to as many prisoners as possible. Be thoughtful and tell them about yourself, send news articles, stories, jokes, etc., etc. They've traded their personal freedom for that of the animals - this is what matters. And since we are not there with them, we should provide as much support as possible for them. Jail can be a lonely place, but it doesn't have to be. Your letters can keep them company. Don't be discouraged if you are not responded to (some prisoners have restricted outgoing mail) - each letter is important as a connection to the outside. (Thanks to everyone who has posted new prisoners' addresses or corrections, and thanks especially to those of you who write. Any corrections or additions can be sent to: wonguy@juno.com

Please post this to all relevant e-mail lists and websites.

Recent News

  • (Finland) Ari Ripatti, who was imprisoned along with Eija Ripatti for alleged lab break in, has been heard to have made statements against other activists. This has led several activists being coerced into making confessions to alleged lab raids in Karttula, Tampere, and Helsinki. A trial will probably commence this summer.

  • (Sweden) On November 6th, three eco-activists were arrested on the premises of a road building site in south Stockholm. Damage was allegedly made to vehicles and machinery. One activist, Linus Brohult, was held on remand for a couple of weeks but is now out.

  • (US) Jacob Kenison was moved from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma and then finally to a federal prison in Arizona (refer to address below). Last news on the situation, he was being forced to wear leather work boots because he could not afford canvas shoes. If you would like to send him money towards vegan shoes, send money orders made out and sent to him at his address.

  • Josh Ellerman, brother of Colby Ellerman (see below), will be sentenced May 6th for his alleged use of pipe bombs to destroy the Utah Fur Breeder's Coop (causing over $1 million in damages). The maximum for his "offenses" is 35 years, though the prosecution has made clear that they do not want this maximum. A defense fund is being created to support the Ellermans and other Salt Lake City prisoners - details will be posted as soon as received. Also, rumors of Josh's collusion with the authorities in implicating others are false.

  • (UK) Michael Green has released a couple of weeks ago.

  • (UK) Gillian Peachey was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months. She has been moved to HMP Winchester (refer to address below) after having spent 18 months on remand.


  • Jacob Kenison
    #06329-081 Yuma Unit
    37900 N. 45th AVE, Dept. 1700
    Phoenix AZ 85027-7004

    *Sentenced for $300,000 arson damage caused to Tandy Leather store

  • Clinton Colby Ellerman
    c/o Salt Lake County Jail
    450 S. 300 E.
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111-3207
    *Released minks from Holt Mink Ranch

  • McHenry County Jail
    Attn: Inmate Steve Hindi
    2200 N. Seminary Ave
    Woodstock IL 60098
    *Steve Hindi is serving a 6 month sentence for his activities against a hunt in Illinois state.


  • Ryan Z. Durfee BA03 c/o Oxbow Jail
    Inmate Mail
    3148 South 1100 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84119
    *Sentenced to 1 year for arson
    (do not send news clippings or other or other items or letter will be sent back)

  • Mark S. Klein AA45
    c/o Oxbow Jail
    Inmate Mail
    3148 South 1100 West
    Salt Lake City, UT
    *Sentenced to 1 year for arson attempt to McDonald's
    (do not send news clippings or other items)
    items or letter will be sent back)

  • Jason D. Troff
    Section 9040
    c/o S.L. County Jail
    450 South 300 East
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111-3207
    *Sentenced for attempted arson against McDonald's

  • Rod Coronado
    FCI Unit SW
    8901 South Wilmot Rd
    Tucson AZ 8570
    *for publicizing ALF campaign to destroy the fur industry in the 80's

  • Trev Poulson 9375
    Housing Unit: Wasatch A West / 215
    Utah State Prison
    PO BOX 250
    Draper, UT 84020
    *Two year sentence for alleged fur farm mink liberation


  • Barry Horne VC2141
    *Recently sentenced to 18 years for charges relating to the attempted use of incendiary devices in vivisection labs in Bristol and the successful use of incendiary devices in labs on the Isle of Wight. He is in the process of appealing this sentence.

  • Keith Mann EE3588
    HMP Long Lartin
    South Littleton, Evesham.
    WR11 5TZ
    *Sentenced to 11 years for criminal damage to meat vehicles, attempted incitement, possession of explosive materials, attempted arson, and escaping from custody.

  • Gillian Peachey RL3415
    HMP Winchester
    Romsey Rd.
    SO22 5HY
    *On remand charged with conspiracy to use incendiary devices to cause criminal damage, and arson on a poultry farm.

  • Geoff Sheppard MD1030
    HMP Parkhurst,
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 5NX
    *Sentenced to 7 years for possession of a shotgun and possession of items for making incendiary devices.

  • Babara Trenholm RL1292
    HMP Durham
    Old Elvet
    Co. Durham
    DH1 3HU
    *Sentenced to 10 years for arson with intent to endanger life.

  • Justin Wright GE3046
    HM Young Offenders Institution,
    DT5 1DL
    *Sentenced to 5 years for arson with recklessness.

  • Noel Molland CK4321 AND Saxon Burchnall-Wood CK4322
    (same address as Noel)
    HMP Guys Marsh
    SP7 OAH
    *Both sentenced to 3 years from the "GAndALF" trial, in which the state prosecuted them for their alleged part in distributing "inciting" information.

  • Kevin Hickey AP7904 (sentenced for live animal exports protests)
  • Tony Humphries AP7965 (held on remand for being caught w/ incendiary devices)
  • Mel Broughton AP7966 (same as above)
    Above three at:
    Tattenhoe St
    Milton Keynes
    MK4 4DA

  • Toby (Kamal) Phipps VX2596
    HMP Onley
    CV23 8AP

  • Andrew Caines AP7907
    HMP The Dana
    SY1 2HR
    *sentenced to 6 months for live animal export protests

  • Greg Avery AP7905
    HMP Hollesley Bay Colony
    *3 month sentence also for protesting the live animal exports
    IP12 3JS
    *Sentenced to 6 months for live export protest

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