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Tom Taylor

Tom is hotshot techie and system administrator at Brighton's cool new Cybar. Patrons of its lower depths will recognise the cunningly-crafted designer-scruff with a coiffure of exploding sea-weed where a horticulturist over-did the baby-bio.

At night he sleeps in a hammock slung across the bay window of his penthouse flat. On the long summer afternoons, its commanding view of beach-life between Brighton's two piers gives unrivalled scope to study the female psyche.

Tom was weaned at his mother's knee on Farley's rusks and C ++ . Strangely enough, he's never found it easy to form the close and stable personal relationships with computers enjoyed by any normal cyber-youth. Oddly, too, he's never grasped the Kantian obligation to treat every computer, not just as a means, but as an end in itself. Possibly it's just a phase...

Actually, Tom's an amiable herbivore who's acquired the touching conviction he's got a carnivorous streak. In extremis he could probably deliver a brisk nip around the ankles to a marauding predator before ending up as somebody's lunch.

He does love helping people; so novices and experts alike can rest assured that no IT job is too large or fiddly to be too much trouble. Just shout "Tom, come quickly!" into the Cybar server dungeon and watch him bound into action like an epileptic Amazonian sloth.

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